We are supported by a Homefront team

This team takes care of the communication, the finances etc. Curious who they are? Click on the image below and they will introduce themselves.

Carsten van der Vliet Johan&Lieneke Post Pieter Lekkerkerk Joop&Ita van der Voorn Ida Sonneveld Pieter van der Kamp

Carsten van der Vliet

I am Carsten and are the secretaty of the team.

Johan&Lieneke Post

We are Johan and Lieneke, we prepare all communication.

Pieter Lekkerkerk

I am Pieter and take care of the finances together with Ita.

Joop&Ita van der Voorn

We are Joop and Ita. Joop is doing all communication with the church, Ita takes care of the finances together with Pieter.

Ida Sonneveld

I am Ida, I will take care of the prayer for Ewald and Lianne

Pieter van der Kamp

I am Pieter and I am the chairman of the team