Teaching is my everything. Really! Why? Students are just fun. I enjoy engaging with them, listening to their questions, exploring together as well as the challenge to overcome reluctance. To be a contribution to the lives of teenagers by just being there, as their chemistry teacher. Are you being sceptic? Feel welcome to have a look during one of my classes, students really are the best you can get!

Being in Nigeria during our May holiday, I visited local schools.It struck me how the education was all about reproduction (repeat after me) and not so much about application, integration, learning about structures, cause/consequence relationships. I'm also wondering how they differentiate between students with different learning styles and abilities. I'll hope to be able to contribute by sharing teaching skills with the local teachers. So they will me more equipped to improve the Nigerian education themselves.

Starting my time in Nigeria, I'll be involved in teaching Science at Hillcrest, the international school in Jos. Because of the excellent education there, a lot of their students have great potential to be a future leader, politically or in business. These students really hold the future of Nigeria into their hands. And therefore it is even more important they get not only the education, but also to get to know Christ. Because knowing Him, makes you want to share His love and live a serving life. Such leaders are the best any country could get. And that's why I want to share my life and talents right there.

And for now I'll assume these students are as great, fun, and eager to learn as all the culturally different ones I teached in The Hague. If not more...