Some once told me I am a generalist. And she was right. I am on the right spot if I can learn something new, especially if its combined with computers and automation.

People in Nigeria want to use computers. But computer knowledge is limited. So I will start working with former streetkids, now teenagers, to teach them how to repair computers, and how to use the them. By teaching them I can built relationships and disciple them as well. By teacing them IT, I can also teach them about God.

Apart from that I also will work at the Nigerian office of SIM. I will make sure that there is a good collaboration between the many activities and programs. If possible I will also automate certain processes so that there is more time available for mission on the long term.

Theological University
A good educaion is also of importance for the pastores of tommorow. Thats why I am also supporting the local theological University.