From time to time people ask wy we move to Nigeria.
Most frequent asked questions are answered on this page.

How can I keep up to date?
You are just in the right place, we will post new newsitems on this side from time to time.
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Why Nigeria, there is plenty of work in the Netherlands?
Thats true. But we feel called to Nigeria because of two reasons:
1) The need is much higher in Nigeria, especially in the field of IT and education.
2) We love adventure. There are not that many people willing to come to Nigeria, but plenty opf people willing to serve in the Netherlands.

How long do you stay?
Elke verandering kost tijd, of dat nu een verhuizing, een wisseling van baan of iets anders is. De praktijk leert dat je minstens een jaar nodig hebt voordat je helemaal gesetteld bent en je daadwerkelijk effici t kan inzetten. Met een verhuizing naar een andere cultuur gaat dat dubbel zo hard op. Daarom hebben we ons voorgenomen om minstens 5 jaar in Nigeria te blijven. Aangezien de nood hoog is kan dat ook langer worden.

How much money do you need?
Despite life is cheap in Jos, we still need an amount of €45.000 each year.
This is because of insurances, pension and travelcosts who cost a lot of money.

You choose Nigeria because of Imole didn't you?
Many people think the same but it is not like that. We were open for other countries, but in the end it became clear that we had to go to Nigeria. How we came there you can read here .